Choosing Your College Location

Deciding where you will go to college is one of the greatest times of your life. You are planning where you will spend then next four years and get some of the most valuable experiences in your life. College location is very important and it makes the decision even more exciting. It is an opportunity for you to move to a new place. Here are some popular destinations!

Pepperdine University is an elite and reputable school where you can get high quality education. Another great thing with this school is its spitting distance from Malibu Beach! Pepperdine offers the dual advantage of being a gread school in a nice place.

Boston is the biggest and one of the coolest university towns in the country. Every one who attends Boston College end up falling in love with the town by the time they graduate.

Vanderbilt is one of the top rated schools in the country, and is located in the south, where you ca n experience southern hospitality and culture at its best.

If you are into sports as well as academics, the University of Tennessee might be of special interest for you, because it has both. It is one of the most highly regarded state universities in the United States.

If you really want to aim high, how about Duke University? One of the highest rated schools, Duke provides a quality education, a valuable degree and good memories to all its graduates.

For a good women college in a nice, fun town, you might look into Stephens College. Stephens is located in the town of Columbia, Missouri, a nice, small university town located in a pretty area.

Virginia Tech is a great university on the east coast. Its an old, historic town with many scenic places. The school has excellent academics and a great football team.

If you’d like to live on the west coast, USC is a good, well-respected school where you c an get a quality education.

If you are an artist and would like to find a job right out of school, you might look into attending a Fashion Institute. There are many all over the country. You may also want to study graphic design to make you job ready when you graduate.

The University Miami has great academics, and everybody wants to live in Miami! The school is also recognized for its outstanding sports programs and extracurricular activities.

Harvards reputation often overshadows its excellent academics. Life at Harvard is stressful, but if you are up for the challenge, it is a great school to attend. Its still as good as its always been.

Yale, too, has maintained its reputation as a great school. These two Ivy League colleges, Harvard and Yale, are old rivals, so picking which one youd like to attend is a hard choice.

If you are interested in studying business and getting an MBA, Columbia Universi ty is still the right choice. Business leaders are looking for young recruits with Columbia University MBAs!

There are almost too many choices out there for prospective students. The list above covers only a few. Our preferences are different, you can choose to live in any part of the country. If you prefer being close to the beach, or the mountains, you can let that help you decide on your school. You can pick Ivy League schools, or schools custom tailored to your genuine interests. Before you decide on a school, you should think carefully about what kind of thing you would like to study and where you would like to live. The possibilities are almost endless!

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