Coca Cola Scholarship: Are You Qualified?

Before you apply for Coca Cola scholarship, here are the things you should know:

Coca-Cola Scholars Foundation programs

There are two types of Coca-Cola Scholars Foundation programs:

· 2-Year Colleges Scholarship Program

· Scholars Program for high school seniors

1. 2-Year Colleges Scholarship Program

· Eligibility

Permanent residents or U.S. citizens;

Has a minimum of 2.5 GPA during time of nomination

Has a minimum of 100 hours of community service within the period of 12 months before the nomination; with a plan to enroll in at least 2 courses through the next term at a 2-year degree granting institution.

This type of scholarship is given to 350 eligible students planning to register in any credited two-year institutions anywhere in the country. Each scholarship is worth $1,000 to utilize for their tuition and educational expenses.

2. Sc holars Program for high school seniors

· Eligibility

To become a Coca-Cola scholar, the applicant must be a high school senior in any school throughout the United States who can meet the requirements. Applicants are given 1 of 250 four-year merit-based scholarships. The applicant must submit his application from September up to the last day of October in his last year in high school. The person should not be a high school graduate before he/she applies.

· Requirements

To become a Coca-Cola scholar, you must be:

A U.S. National; U.S. Citizen; Temporary Resident; U.S. Permanent Resident; Asylee; Refugee; Humanitarian Parolee; or Cuban-Haitian Entrant;

Presently enrolled as a high school senior and anticipates to graduate at the end of the school year during the same academic year when he or she made his or her application;

Has a minimum of 3.00 GPA at the end of the junior year in high school;

Has a plan to pursue degree from an accredited U.S. college institution ;

A Coca-Cola scholar must not be grandchildren or children of officers, owners or employees of The Coca-Cola Company, Coca-Cola bottling companies, or other Company subsidiaries or divisions.

· Submitting Application

High school senior can apply his or her application during
between September 1 and October 31. He or she can apply online.

· Scholarship worth

Each year, Coca-Cola awards 250 senior students with a merit-based scholarship. 200 of these are awarded with 4-year $4,000 scholarships ($1,000/yr for 4 years). The remaining 50 are awarded with 4-year $20,000 scholarships ($5,000/yr for 4 years).

Application process

The Coca-Cola scholarship program has preliminary application process that only requires online application. One problem here is that, there are fewer spaces to mention your act ivities.

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