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What is the purpose of life? This question is probably one of most frequently asked. We ask it ourselves, philosophers make out full-fledged concepts and theories regarding this issue, religious men provide with their definite answers, etc. This search for purpose of life is one of the characteristics which differs human beings from animals. People need to live for some reason. Viewpoints may differ, but most would agree that men should live according to their calling, sure, if this calling does not interrupt with laws of humanity. Following your calling makes you happy and satisfied; however, not so many people can boast they possess it all.

Indeed, not many of us perform something they want to, because of different reasons. Some of us made a wrong choice when deciding future profession and, no wonder, that it causes a lot of frustration. Very often first-year students or sophomores find them put into the env ironment which does not correlate with their needs and interests. Facing the necessity to prepare an essay on some topic that is not in the sphere of his interests, a student may feel very much distressed. Which is more distressing and frustrating is when you realize you get the degree you actually do not need during graduation ceremony. However, that can be changed and it is never too late to alter your profession or give up anything for the sake of something new. But people are afraid of making radical steps like changing their profession. They do not want to disappoint their parents; or they may be afraid of changes as such. If you have a degree in Law it is quite risky to give up law practice and go for a career of musician. All rationa people would tell you to calm down and continue developing your current career. Thus people stick to what they have, leaving their dreams and cherished desires behind. Daily routine su bstitutes those dreams. No need to describe what luck it is to do something you enjoy. Being in the right place in the right time is a key element of success and href=”self-actualiza”>”>self-actualiza tion. For instance, if you enjoyed href=”essay”>”>essay writing while being at school, you may find a work of journalist suitable for you and it will bring you satisfaction. Or if you are keen on music and manage to develop your skills, all your career life will stimulate your personal growth. If a person is satisfied with what he or she is doing, it has reflections in all other spheres of life. Sometimes it may happen that a person can realize ambitions not in career but in the family. That is also an option and there is nothing to be ashamed of.

All in all, listening to your heart and avoiding stereotypes might lead to the right choice. Indeed, making choices is extremely responsible, because through your daily choices you determine your present and your future. There is one more thing you should keep in mind; it is not to be afraid of being yourself, even if your ‘ego’ differs somehow from socially accepted standards. Being yourself, following your calling will definitely make you satisfied and develop your personality. – Research
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Author: Tyler Benson
Author: Tyler Benson All people are born with a definite purpose, a definite mission to fulfill on the Earth. We are to follow our calling, but very often people face the problem of not knowing what they want to do or of being afraid of following their calling, due to some reasons. Why does this happen? And what should we think of when making crucial decisions in our life?