Ways to perform a college search

You may be interested in going to college but you are not sure where to start looking. How do you find out information about the thousands of schools that you could possibly attend? You have a couple of different options.

You could ask family and friends that have gone to college. If you know several people who have ever gone to college then you could find out a lot of information from them. They would have first hand knowledge and experience attending that particular school. But relying on family and friends can limit you in a couple of ways. The number of schools that you could inquire about would be restricted to only the schools that your family and friends have attended. Also they may not know important facts about the school like college majors and courses offered.

Another option would be to visit a college guidance office. Most of these offices have a variety of college catalogs available . Each college catalog has a lot of detailed information for that school. You can read about course offerings, student statistics, and several other things that the school and its campus offer. But once again you would be limited by only being able to research the colleges and universities for which college catalogs were available.

Probably the most effective way to find a college or university to attend is by using a college search engine. College search engines allow you to choose schools based upon your desired criteria. There are thousands of schools to choose from, so going online and using this kind of search can cut down on the time it takes to find a school.

You should start by picking the location that you would like to go to school, your desired area of study, and any other criteria by which the engine allows you to search. The college search engine will then give you a list of potential schools with possibly a website address and some contact information. You can then browse through the information on the website and even contact the school to receive some literature and take a tour of the school. While taking a tour you can visit the school’s facilities and talk to current students to hear about their own experience being a student at the school.

Using college search engines allows you the chance to more effectively find schools in less time than any other college search method.


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