Writing Personal Statement For College

The whole process of seeking admission into college is very arduous and psychologically demanding. But the worst thing is writing the personal statement for college applications. Initially, you feel that writing a personal statement will be an easy task. You only need to sit down and write few words about your source of inspiration, what you have achieved till now and other such things. But it is never so simple.

In high school most of you must not have done anything significant as a written work. You could submit a five paragraph essay, put in never ending chain of issueless papers, yet secure A’s throughout by ensuring that they are properly arranged and in correct format. Even trying to get into just an Art school can be difficult.

At the time of writing personal statement for college, you are completely aware that is a far more difficult and serious issue than the earlier high schoo l days. Here is a great education resource http://www.educationforhire.com No authority from admissions would wish to read the stereotypical essays portraying how much personalities like Gandhi, Martin Luther King have motivated you. Neither does any one seek to know about the first time you played ball with your father or learnt teamwork from an insignificant league game. There is a high probability that everything and anything you put in a personal statement has been heard by them before and they will hold it in your opposition.

This is the primary reason why so many people aspiring for college admissions seek help to write personal statements. For me it was an easy task. I could always verify with my mother, in fact, I still do, since she is an award winning writer. We do not always agree on issues but her feedback is always intellectual and rational. She helped m e with my essays as well as personal statement for college.

But for those who don’t have such kind of expertise to use or don’t have a high school English teacher whom they consider qualified; the internet is the best option. The net has numerous sites assisting them to write a personal statement for college. These offer feedback, editions to be done, and even templates and tips guiding you in things not be done and the must do kind of things for your personal statement. But I am of the opinion that a face to face feedback from a person, who you think is experienced and qualified, is the best guidance one can have for personal statement that you submit at the college of your choice.

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