How To Write A Personal Statement For College

The entire college admission process can be exhausting and nerve-racking but there are few things worse than writing the personal statement for college applications. Your first thought is that it would be a piece of cake, everything you have to do is write a few words about yourself – what your interests are, what you would like to accomplish in life. However, personal statements for college have never been an easy task. When writing a statement for college, your high school writings for which you got straight A’s won’t do you much good.

The main issue is that when writing your personal statement for college, you are not in that world and you are well aware of it. Personal statements are not supposed to be essays about how much you admire famous people like Gandhi. You shouldn’t also write about the first time you leaned how important teamwork is or anything like that. They have heard it all, so you cannot write anything new and this, unfortunately, is not in your favor.

These are the reasons why so many people seek help when writing their personal statement for college is concerned. I had a good time growing up. As my mother is a very famous and acknowledged writer, I always counted on her for feedback. Even now she is there for me when I need an intelligent and well-structured statement or paper. Apart from helping with my essays, my mother was also good enough to give me a hand when I was writing my personal statement for college.

Of course, I realize not everyone is lucky enough to have such a valuable resource at their home, and not everyone can also depend on their high school English teacher. So, if this concerns you, then you can try searching some sites on the internet that might turn to be quite helpful. For instance, most of them offer free tips telling you what you should avoid and what you should include when writing your personal statement for college. From my point of view, when writing your personal statement it’s best to try to find face to face feedback from someone whom you trust.

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