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How Eastside College Consultants Helps Your College Planning

thumbs-upWelcome to Eastside College Consultants! We are an independent college planning and advising service who’s ultimate goal is for each student client to find, apply and be admitted to a college where (s)he will grow and be successful. As owner of Eastside College Consultants, I bring over 25 years of experience in counseling, career choice and college preparation in assisting college-bound students on the Eastside of Lake Washington. Eastside College Consultants was founded for the purpose of providing students and their parents with strategic assistance in the college search and admissions process. While high school counselors are an integral part of the process, I know from personal experience working in a highly academic and affluent suburban high school, where most of the student population is college-bound, just how much the college admissions process and the job of the high school counselor has changed in the last decade.

Colleges and universities have become increasingly competitive due to a number of factors:

  • growth in population of high school seniors;
  • fixed size of incoming freshman classes at top colleges;
  • an increase in percentage of high school seniors applying to college;
  • and an added number of applications submitted by seniors.

In addition, admissions requirements are continually changing. At the same time, increased student to counselor ratios and added responsibilities have combined to severely limit time available to high school counselors to assist students with college applications and essays. Thus was born Eastside College Consultants.

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