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Unlike college application essays, questions for graduate personal statements or admission essays, are more inclined to ask for career plans and research experiences. Since applicants are already past the undergraduate years, they are expected to have more concrete ideas regarding what they want or like to pursue in life. Some universities ask common questions that makethe applicants elaborate on their academic interests or what specific area or discipline they would like to venture on. You might want to briefly discuss interesting reasons that made you decide to take up a particular field. Say something about how taking up a certain post-graduate course is an essential part in achieving your long-term career goals. When asked about research experiences, relate research topics you’ve enjoyed doing in the past. Remember that research is a big thing in graduate school so make sure you highlight your superb research skills, if ever. Similar to the college admission essay, candidates for a post-graduate also need to include academic background, achievements, and extra-curricular in their essays.

One of the several topics graduate school applicants can write about is their field and clinical experiences. Assuming candidates already have previous working experiences, they can say something about the practical values they gained in the process. It is best to relate job experiences in line with your career plans. Avoid mentioning on-the-job experiences which are not directly related with the field you are applying for. This may give evaluators an impression that you don’t have a clear sense of your goals or whatever it is you want to achieve. Admissions officers want to make sure applicants are really serious in pursuing post-graduate course and are not merely out to dabble and leave after a few semesters. They wan t to admit applicants who may be potential additions to the university’s roster of prominent and successful alumni. Convince them that you deserve a slot by producing an essay that requires little additional queries. Needless to say, the expectations and standards of admissions officers are higher for those aspiring for post-graduate degrees.

Writing graduate application essays, in essence, is also very much like crafting a college admission essay. You should also follow the basics of an effective personal statement like unity, coherence, and focus. A well-written essay reflects the fact you’ve allotted effort and time in weaving your essay in the same way sloppy essay can be a telltale sign that you’ve done it in haste. Start the statement with a strong point of entry that can surely grab the attention of your readers. Every sentence in a personal statement is significant but make sure your opening paragraphs are especially engaging. If you’ve successfully thought of a great introduction, sustain the momentum by polishing the rest of the contents of the essay. If you were able to craft a successful college application essay, there’s no doubt you could also come up with a winning graduate admission essay.

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