Student Loan Consolidation

There’s no way around it. If you took out student loans to pay for college, you have to pay them back. That can be hard to do, whether you’re still in school, trying to start your life outside it, or even 10 years down the line. You borrowed the money, you used it, and you have to pay it back. Read more

What is a Statement of Purpose and Why is the College Asking for It?

The Statement of Purpose, or SOP, is typically a required element of graduate school applications. It is also called an application letter, autobiographical essay, or letter of intent, the overall purpose is the same. The school wants to know why you are applying, what your experience is in your chosen field, why you want to attend that particular skill, and how you will use your degree once finished. Read more

Great Education Can Be Had At The Smaller Schools Too!

Thinking about college after high school graduation? This process happens for many seniors every year. Should you go to a larger college that offers an extensive variety of classes and that has a beautiful campus setting? A larger school may appear like the number one choice of many, but one should also remember that a larger school may mean a a greater tuition cost. This is where a smaller college may be your best bet. Read more

5 Things College Students Should Know Before Securing Any Student Loans

If you are high school senior or a college student you most definitely should have your attention on your financial condition. If you don’t instead of majoring in your field of choice you will be majoring in college debt. Federal student loans are offered to most students entering college. Many students would not be able to attend their chosen College or University if it were not for College Loans. For that reason so many students get into large amounts of debt and have problems with student loan repayment after graduation. Read more

Scholarships – How To Get The College Money You Need And Avoid The Scams

Getting enough money to pay for a college education can be difficult, but if you’re willing to work hard there are ways to get all the money you need without having to repay it. One of the best ways to do that is to get college scholarships. Read more

Scholarships & Schools 101: Getting And Keeping References

You want to get into the best schools, and pay for your education, but to do both you need references. You begin applying for schools and scholarships, until you realize that you need to get 3 reference letters for each scholarship or application. What next? Read more

Beginning the College Scholarship Search

Are you anxious about going away to college? Or worse yet, worried about how your are going to finance your college education? If you have worries such as these, you are not alone. But, the best thing to do is to take action. Read more

How To Avoid The Most Common College Scholarship Mistakes

Every semester college students all across the country are pursuing scholarship money to help pay for their college education. Some are very successful in getting scholarships, and others aren’t. So here are the most common mistakes that are made when pursuing college scholarships, and how you can avoid them. Read more

College Scholarship Application Process

The process for applying for college scholarship is virtually similar to applying for college. First, you have to learn as many scholarships grants as possible and create a shortlist of possible prospects that fit you and your need. Then, you create the most compelling application letters or essays that state your achievements together with interviews and other supporting letters such as recommendations. And finally, if you are lucky enough, you can go to college for less or for free. Read more

Little Known Ways to Save Money for College

One of the phrases that parents dread the most is this: college money. As soon as their child is born, parents tend to think about the future and actually make plans for their kids.

They instinctively think of a profession that they want their children to have in the future: some want their kids to be the next Bill Gates, a big-company CEO or a world famous surgeon. Read more