Colleges: Traditional vs. Unconventional

Did you know that the word “college”, as in one definition supplied by Webster’s Ninth New Collegiate dictionary, is “a group of persons considered by law to be a unit.” Read more

Great Education Can Be Had At The Smaller Schools Too!

Thinking about college after high school graduation? This process happens for many seniors every year. Should you go to a larger college that offers an extensive variety of classes and that has a beautiful campus setting? A larger school may appear like the number one choice of many, but one should also remember that a larger school may mean a a greater tuition cost. This is where a smaller college may be your best bet. Read more

Why Choose a Private College?

Private colleges can be more expensive than public universities, and can have a more limited curriculum than the biggest government-funded schools. So why choose a private college, particularly a small one, over a state-run university? Read more

Ways to perform a college search

You may be interested in going to college but you are not sure where to start looking. How do you find out information about the thousands of schools that you could possibly attend? You have a couple of different options. Read more

Choosing Your College Location

Deciding where you will go to college is one of the greatest times of your life. You are planning where you will spend then next four years and get some of the most valuable experiences in your life. College location is very important and it makes the decision even more exciting. It is an opportunity for you to move to a new place. Here are some popular destinations! Read more

Things to Consider When Choosing Your College

Choosing a college or university to attend is easy, right? Maybe for some lucky few. What about the rest of us? The choice might not be clear. There are many issues to consider: program of study, school reputation, distance from home, money, school size, and so on. Read more

Robert Frost was Right: Choosing the Road to the College that’s best for you

Robert Frost Was Right Robert Frost was Right: Choosing the Road to the College that’s best for you. The stairway to college is made up of steps that will take you to the higher education that’s right for you…and (yes) ONLY you! How high school and college diverge. Read more

Choosing a College: 80% Research, 15% Intuition, 5% Chance

Knowing what to look for in a college can be difficult. If you’re in the process of selecting a school, then you’ve probably already been inundated with material from prospective colleges — brochures, catalogs, scholarship information, financial aid information, and a million other pieces of miscellany. So is it really possible to wade through these and find the college that is right for you? Absolutely. Read more