The Top 5 Steps to Smarter SAT Prep

The most frequent mistake made by people preparing to take the SAT–after not studying enough–is studying in a sloppy, haphazard manner. The more care you take in the early stages of your preparation for the SAT test, the better the end result. Set demanding yet reasonable goals for your SAT experience, then summon the necessary self-discipline to follow through. Read more

The Top 5 SAT Land mines

Let’s face it: the SAT test is littered with land mines seeking to lure the unwary student into careless or panic-induced mistakes. This underscores the fact that one of the best SAT preparation strategies involves learning how to keep the test from beating you. Being able to avoid the land mines separates the casual from the serious SAT test-taker. Read more

10 Tips For Preparing For Your Next Exam

Need help with your next exam? Get pro-active and prepare for success ahead of time with these 10 study tips.

1. You need a dedicated study area. That means you need to find a good place to study that’s quiet, has plenty of room to spread out books and papers, and offers plenty of good lighting. Read more

How To Prepare For A Test

Preparing for a test can be an agonizing experience. There are just so many things you have to remember, so many things to memorize and so many things to read. One way of making preparation for a test easier is to understand the type of the test that will be taking. How to prepare for a test can be much easier to answer when you know what type of test to prepare for. Read more

The Major College Entrance Exams (Sat And Act)

The SAT and ACT are the two major tests that most colleges use in the U.S. use to help determine whether or not students should be admitted. A brief discussion of each one follows. Read more

Top 5 Steps to Better Educated SAT Guesses

In a previous article, I touched on the Top 5 Landmines of the SAT test. However, avoiding landmines is not enough: the general fog of questions and concepts and the overwhelming amount of information to be processed calls for more proactive strategies. Aim your SAT preparation at mastering a few simple tricks and tools–this will minimize distractions, cut down on careless errors, and enable you to show what you know. Read more

What is the ACT?

American College Testing publishes the ACT as an examination to measure a student’s ability in math, verbal comprehension and problem solving. The ACT is a college-entrance test that was introduced in 1959 as a competitor to the College Board’s Scholastic Aptitude Test (now SAT). Students who perform poorly on the SAT often find that they do better on the ACT. This is due to a difference in how questions are presented on ACT. Nationally recognized, the ACT is a college admission and placement examination. Read more