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Eastside College Consultants Services

Eastside College Consultants provides professional college planning, financial planning, and college selection. Ensure that your high school grad is presented with all available options and paths to achieving their goal of a college degree. Over 25 years of experience in college consulting and preparation serving the Greater Seattle area, the Eastside including Bellevue, Redmond, Issaquah, Sammamish and surrounding areas.

College Consulting Services Include:

College Selection Assistance

Eastside College Consultants, with over 25 years of experience, is an independent college planning and advising service providing assistance to college-bound students in determining the right college or university to apply to that meets their specific interests and desired degree.

College Application Preparation

Eastside College Consultants provides assistance with the college search; assessment of individual talents, a, ilities and interests; preparation of an activities resume; the college application process; essays and personal statements; and college visits and interviews.

College Admissions Assistance

Eastside College Consultants will help you present yourself to colleges in an organized and confident manner. We will work with you and your family to guide you through the college planning and admissions process from start to finish. 

What Our Clients Say

My son, a bright, talented teenager, was completely unmotivated his first two years of high school.  He didn’t try, didn’t care, and didn’t take his grades seriously.  Thus, he ended up with mostly C’s and D’s his first two years.  I expected that my son would automatically end up at a local community college at that point, rather than a four-year university.  Then I found Sue and Andrea.  They talked to my son very frankly and directly.  Their pitch:  if he changed his attitude and worked hard enough to get A’s and B’s his last two years of high school, they would help him to “explain” his academic record to college admission officers to reflect his positive grade improvement.  It worked.  My son turned himself around academically and will now start college at Washington State University this fall.  I don’t believe he would have been accepted but for the “roadmap to success” that Sue and Andrea created for him. 

Anxiety! That’s what thinking about the college search and application process gave us. Using Eastside College Consultants gave us such peace of mind. They walked us through everything; and we are thrilled to report that our daughter, Annie, is currently a happy freshman at her first choice college, and on nearly a full scholarship! I really do not think she could have done so well without the comfortable rapport she had with Sue and Andrea. Their patience and expert care made the process understandable and achievable.

Accepted into USF!!! Yeah! They sent me an email today. I actually teared up a little, I was so happy! It definitely made my day. Thanks for all your help and hard work!

Guess what?! I got into my first choice college! I got my acceptance letter today! Just wanted to let you know. Thank you! You have no idea how much help you guys have been. Honestly, thank you. And yes, I will keep you posted on the remaining applications.

We were very pleased with the services that we received from Eastside College Consultants. It was clear from the start that your personalities and style of communication would work well with our Rachael. During the first meeting you were able to do what we hadn’t been able to do in the six previous months. Your suggestion of universities to visit was excellent. The workbook that you provided her was an excellent resource. Your assistance and advice in completing the applications was invaluable. We were concerned because although Rachael had good grades, she does not do well on standardized tests, such as the SAT. However, thanks to your help, she was accepted to all four universities to which she applied. The whole family appreciates the help that you gave us in working through the research, exploration, decision making and application process. It is readily apparent that you are both seasoned veterans in working with students and families. The process can be so overwhelming and complicated, and it is nice to know that you will be there for our second daughter when she begins the process in a couple years! Thanks again for all your help!

As the big move to college faces our high school seniors, the anxiety can spill over into otherwise healthy family relationships. We were very happy to discover Eastside College Consultants to bridge that gap between ourselves and our daughter. We were able to rely on their expertise, which gave us confidence that she was being well-advised. They also assured us that out daughter was meeting all the deadlines that come with college applications. This service is invaluable if your household is as busy as ours, and you can’t put your life on hold to accomplish these tasks. The final proof is a happy daughter in a successful college placement!

Thank you, Sue and Andrea, for everything you’ve done for me. Without your help in finding colleges, organizing my testing schedule and application timelines, and help with my personal statements and essays, I probably wouldn’t have been accepted into all my college choices…

In Memoriam

andrea-medAndrea Wehner, my business partner and co-founder of Eastside College Consultants, passed away from cancer in May 2013.  Andrea was a remarkable woman – intelligent, compassionate and a joy to work with.  She brought an extensive knowledge of colleges and career interests to the business.  She will be missed immensely and will be remembered always with great fondness.

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