Meet College Consultant Sue Epeneter

sue-125Sue Epeneter has a BA in Social Work and a MEd in Guidance and Counseling and is a licensed mental health therapist and vocational rehabilitation counselor in the State of Washington. She has worked in the field of education and career counseling for the past 30+ years. Now retired, she was employed as a counselor, primarily at the high school level, with the Lake Washington School District for 25 years, working directly with students to prepare them for college and to assist them with the college selection and admissions process. Prior to that time, she was co-owner of a vocational rehabilitation firm and wrote and edited for a national magazine.

Serving the Greater Seattle are, Eastside College Consultants assists high school students with college admissions, navigating the journey of picking a college and simplifying the process by offering personalized service.

College Consulting Skills, Qualifications, and Experience

College Selection
Essay Writing
Financial Assistance Knowledge
Application Preparation