How To Write A Personal Statement For College

The entire college admission process can be exhausting and nerve-racking but there are few things worse than writing the personal statement for college applications. Your first thought is that it would be a piece of cake, everything you have to do is write a few words about yourself – what your interests are, what you would like to accomplish in life. However, personal statements for college have never been an easy task. When writing a statement for college, your high school writings for which you got straight A’s won’t do you much good. Read more

Interesting Topics For College Admission Essays

If you are seriously considering applying to college or any graduate school, part of the preparation that you cannot ignore, aside from taking the required standardized tests, is the preparation of a well-crafted college admission essay or graduate school admission essay, including MBA essay, as part of your application to college or grad school. This part of the application process is a measurement of your personality, and constitutes an integral part of the admissions process. With the number of applicants wanting to pursue higher education dramatically rising since the early 90’s, many colleges and post-graduate schools have imposed certain safeguards to regulate the entry of admitted applicants to their programs . The goal is to admit only candidates who hold promise and are likely to succeed in their chosen field of endeavor. The college admission essay or graduate school admission essay , including MBA essay, is one such safeguard. Read more

The Application Essay

Excerpt The following is an excerpt from the book The Ivey Guide to Law School Admissions by Anna Ivey Published by Harcourt; April 2005;$14.00US; 0-15-602979-0 Copyright © 2006 Anna Ivey

Whether you’re submitting a personal statement, a statement of purpose, or a diversity essay, make sure to follow these rules: Read more

What is a Statement of Purpose and Why is the College Asking for It?

The Statement of Purpose, or SOP, is typically a required element of graduate school applications. It is also called an application letter, autobiographical essay, or letter of intent, the overall purpose is the same. The school wants to know why you are applying, what your experience is in your chosen field, why you want to attend that particular skill, and how you will use your degree once finished. Read more

College Scholarship Application Process

The process for applying for college scholarship is virtually similar to applying for college. First, you have to learn as many scholarships grants as possible and create a shortlist of possible prospects that fit you and your need. Then, you create the most compelling application letters or essays that state your achievements together with interviews and other supporting letters such as recommendations. And finally, if you are lucky enough, you can go to college for less or for free. Read more

Writing Personal Statement For College

The whole process of seeking admission into college is very arduous and psychologically demanding. But the worst thing is writing the personal statement for college applications. Initially, you feel that writing a personal statement will be an easy task. You only need to sit down and write few words about your source of inspiration, what you have achieved till now and other such things. But it is never so simple. Read more

Graduate School Admissions

In order to gain acceptance into Graduate School, several requirements or educational items must be met. These items vary from school to school; however, the main ones needed are listed below, with a brief overview of each. Read more

Of School Grades And Admission Essays

The value of a College Admission Essay or graduate school admission essay, as part of the college or graduate admissions process can never be over-emphasized. To validate the value of an admission essay or graduate school admission essay, let us look at the following illustration: Read more

Essay Writing: What’s In It For Me?

How do you react to your teacher’s assignment to write an essay? Doubt, you are pleased. Instead, you are grumbling and anticipating dull hours of essay writing, the purpose of which still seems vague and meaningless to you. Read more

Let Other People Critique Your College Admission Essay

Every year thousands of students face the challenge of submitting their applications to their dream schools and submitting their masterly crafted College Admission Essay. Before you can ever step on the pavements of the university, an aspiring student’s acceptance letter may be largely dependent on the student’s college admission essay. Admission essays and College Application Essays are very vital for one’s entry to a good reputable university. The admission essay can be the determining factor, of whether or not one is to be admitted to a certain college or university. Many students never make it to their desired schools not because of their grades or lack of extracurricular activities. They fail because of the admission essay they submitted. An admission essay does not really have to be Nobel Prize for Literature-like essay. It just has to be creative and one of a kind. Read more