The Importance of Transferable Skills for Graduates

Transferable skills can be defined as those skills or abilities that can be applied equally from one job to another. They are skills that graduates have gathered through volunteer work, sports, hobbies, community work, and can be used in their new careers. The importance of transferable skills for graduates cannot be overstated. There is a growing demand from employers, for strong graduates with desirable transferable skills. Read more

Top MBA Programs

Salaries earned by graduates of MBA programs just keep getting higher. According Graduate Management Admissions Council, overall, the typical graduate earned $48,000 before entering the MBA program and now expects to earn $75,000 in the first job after graduation–a 56% increase! Read more

Finding an Internship with a Future

Finding an internship position while a college student is a great way to gain experience in your chosen field, experience the workplace firsthand, learn industry “jargon,” and develop marketable skills. An internship can also lead to a position with the same company or a direct referral for another position. You can also use the experience and references to land your ideal job. How do you go about finding this type of internship? Read more

20 Secrets to Prepare University and College Students for Landing the Best Graduate Job or Career

There’s alot more than just studying hard that you can do as a college or university student, that will help when it comes to getting the best job or career after graduation. We take a look at the top 20, from playing a team sport to learning to give a compliment. Read more

Follow Your Calling

What is the purpose of life? This question is probably one of most frequently asked. We ask it ourselves, philosophers make out full-fledged concepts and theories regarding this issue, religious men provide with their definite answers, etc. This search for purpose of life is one of the characteristics which differs human beings from animals. People need to live for some reason. Viewpoints may differ, but most would agree that men should live according to their calling, sure, if this calling does not interrupt with laws of humanity. Following your calling makes you happy and satisfied; however, not so many people can boast they possess it all. Read more

Hot Engineering Jobs

Engineering can best be described as the application of science to the needs of humanity. This is accomplished through the application of knowledge, mathematics, and practical experience to the design of useful objects or processes. Engineers devise new processes, operations, and machines, and advance the capability, and presentation of manufacturing systems, buildings or transportation systems, and electrical systems. Engineering is the basis of the technology that improves civilization. Read more

How Much is Your Degree Worth?

According to the US Census Bureau, a college education almost certainly guarantees a higher income and overall lifetime net worth. American workers with bachelor’s degrees earn almost double those with only a high school diploma. The average college-educated US worker earns $51,206 per year, versus only $27,915 for a high school graduate. Those with college degrees also have higher employment rates than those with less education. Workers with advanced degrees are employed at a rate exceeding 86%. They have better job security, better retirement, and have an easier time finding employment. Read more

Internships: A Career Move For You?

An internship is an opportunity for job-seekers to gain experience in the business world without having to work a full-time job. Internships are placements, generally for students, where the intern works for lower pay than if they were hired employees. An internship has a set duration of time, as well. The benefit of an internship is education; it gives you experience to list on your resume. Read more