How To Teach Students On Time Management

When you were a child, you never give importance to time. You were idle most of the time, reclining in bed, watch TV programs for so many hours, and sometimes amuse yourself with video games. As you become older, you will be remembering the things that you have accomplished. And you realized that you have not really achieved anything worthwhile.

One of our most priceless resources is Time. It is something that you can no longer reclaim, once you lost it. You should make use of your time intelligently. The reason is for your growth and improvement as a person. You always take a look for the wonderful memories and actions, which you have fulfilled. Remember that a well spent time is more precious than gold. Hence, the need for time management.

Do you consider time management a basic concern for your students? What are some of the obstacles which them to finish their assignments from school? Time management is indeed a problem for students.

Usually, it is due to their hectic schedules and social obligations from their peers. There are still very few people who could master this skill of time management. However, it a general need for everyone especially if you are aspiring to achieve something in school, work and other personal endeavors.

Students are supposed to manage their schedule properly. They are expected to attend their classes, perform their homework at home. Students should not postpone and entertain some distractions and interruptions. Otherwise, they will not be able to accomplish their academic obligations. Most of the time, these are difficult to fulfill them.

However, do not feel bad about it. It is not the end of everything. You are not alone in this situation. Don’t you know that majority of adults have the same problems on how to manage their time? There is still room for imp rovement. What is necessary now is to reevaluate how you have been coming up with your daily activities and to modify them.

The students cannot do it alone. There is a need for somebody to teach and guide them. Based from the regular class schedule, there are some activities for time management, which are integrated to the subject itself. One example is the “beat the clock lessons.” We have the lesson called “time monsters” The students will work in teams for two minutes so as to see in their lives the time monsters (time wasters) in a sheet of paper. Aside from that, they will learn the acronym “CHOICE”.

· Compare all your activities you would like to achieve · How you will be affected by your choice later on. · Order all your priorities in life. · Inscribe in your planner your desired schedule. · Carry out whatever desired plan you have formulated. · Enjoy every moment of your life as you manage your time. There are some questions for discussion, like for example, the meaning of the word “procrastination” Some tips for time management are also provided according to whatever category you belong.

We have several essential principles of Time Management wherein students can use.

· List down all the things you are supposed to do everyday. · You should know what is the most conducive time for you to study. · The difficult subjects must be studied first. · Make use of your spare time. · There should be proper distribution of learning and practice. · The surroundings must be favorable for studying. · Do not be afraid to say no to somebody if it affects your schedule. · You should combine some activities so as to save time. · Allot some time for relaxation and entertainment. · You should have the required number of hours for sleeping and eat your food properly. · You should know your body clock so as to identify the bes t time for you to work. · Make it a habit to review your notes daily. · You should inform your friends about your schedule in order to avoid distractions. · Always be a taskmaster as you schedule your activities properly. · Do not waste your time by worrying about something that you are expected to be doing, just do it. · You should always keep things in their proper perspective. · You can entrust a responsibility when it is proper. · Relax and be calm always · Avoid being a perfectionist. · You are supposed to question everything that is included in your schedule. · Be a fast reader and be selective with what you read. · Make use of a calendar.

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