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Preparing for an interview is as stressful and as difficult as it gets, for some reason we always want to impress the people who are examining us and we always want to get the job, even people who go to multiple interview admit they want all their interviews to go well and that they would like to get accepted to all of the jobs they are interviewing for. This is rarely the case, as we know that for each spot there is a lot of competition and its not getting easier as time passes.

The ting with a college interview or a university interview is that this has much more, in terms of life meaningful events, so the person interviewing does have a lot hanging on the balance and it is only normal that this will be followed by a lot of stress. Understanding how important a step is sometimes makes it very difficult to succeed as many people have learned over the years.

The psychology of interview pre paration does not have a lot of empirical data on rates of success or failure in college interviews for a simple reason, no candidate will allow researchers to test him or her while preparing for such an important interview, but many have honesty answered a lot of the questions that psychologists asked them regarding the difficulties they had prior to the interview and the tips we have for you are based partly on these answers.

While preparing for the college interview it is important that the candidate understands that it is not a standard step for him or her, even if most of the people in the candidates life have gone to college it does not yet mean that everyone is built for the college experience, and college is not necessarily an indication of potential to succeed as many of the brightest minds in the last 50 years have been either rejected or removed from colleges. The understanding that this is an individual ste p and that the control over the decision to go to college is the candidates and no one else provides a much needed feeling of freedom of choice and relives the candidate of necessary pressure to prove himself to the environment.

The second step in the mantel preparation for the college interview is to think about the reasons for the college to accept the candidate, if the candidate has done his or her research well they should know the college that they have applied for very well and they could easily express their motivation to spend their time and enjoy the education offered by that institute, it is a simple exercise in positive thinking and self promotion, there is no reason why an institute will reject a person that is extremely eager to join it, and by researching and knowing everything there is to know about the place the candidate can not only prove to himself that he is worthy of entry but also project that feeling throughout the college interview.

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