Writing Graduate Application Essays Made Easy

Unlike college application essays, questions for graduate personal statements or admission essays, are more inclined to ask for career plans and research experiences. Since applicants are already past the undergraduate years, they are expected to have more concrete ideas regarding what they want or like to pursue in life. Some universities ask common questions that makethe applicants elaborate on their academic interests or what specific area or discipline they would like to venture on. You might want to briefly discuss interesting reasons that made you decide to take up a particular field. Say something about how taking up a certain post-graduate course is an essential part in achieving your long-term career goals. When asked about research experiences, relate research topics you’ve enjoyed doing in the past. Remember that research is a big thing in graduate school so make sure you highlight your superb research skills, if ever. Similar to the college admission essay, candidates for a post-graduate also need to include academic background, achievements, and extra-curricular in their essays. Read more

Need Admissions and Financial Aid Help? Here’s How To Hire a Private College Counselor

In a recent college admission industry journal a brave admissions Vice President commented that “Sadly, in the last 20 years we have lost our way in admissions. Colleges are no longer centered on counseling students; we are focused more on recruiting and competing for them. The students are just a way of keeping score. Furthermore, we charge different prices to students whom we value more or less because of our internal institutional priorities…Private counselors who strike a balance between helping students find the right match for their abilities, interests, and personality and assisting families in locating affordable choices are valuable.” Read more

Things You Don’t Want In Your College Admission Essay

These days, it seems that university admission committees think that acing your SATs, boosting your GPA, and having glowing recommendations are not good enough to guarantee admission to your dream school. After the entrance exams and submission of other requirements, they still require you to write a college admission essay. True, the essay is an added work, but it is your opportunity to market yourself to your dream university. Application essays allow you another opportunity to convince the school board to accept you. It also gives the board an overview of how you are as a student and individual. Therefore, the prospect of writing your college application essay must not be taken lightly – your essay can spell the difference between acceptance and rejection. Read more

What is the ACT?

American College Testing publishes the ACT as an examination to measure a student’s ability in math, verbal comprehension and problem solving. The ACT is a college-entrance test that was introduced in 1959 as a competitor to the College Board’s Scholastic Aptitude Test (now SAT). Students who perform poorly on the SAT often find that they do better on the ACT. This is due to a difference in how questions are presented on ACT. Nationally recognized, the ACT is a college admission and placement examination. Read more

How To Ace The College Interview

Students are often intimidated by the college interview process because they don’t know what they’re getting into, nor do they know how best to prepare. College interviews are a great way to demonstrate a student’s interest to a college admissions office. The more a student demonstrates his interest in the college the more the college will be interested in a student. Students who demonstrate interest often have a leg up on the competition in the admission pool resulting in a higher probability of acceptance. Read more

Getting Into Graduate School

The GRE General Test is the most widely accepted college admission exam for graduate school. This test strives to measure the knowledge that test takers have gained over long periods of time (like through their undergraduate programs). Read more

Internships: A Career Move For You?

An internship is an opportunity for job-seekers to gain experience in the business world without having to work a full-time job. Internships are placements, generally for students, where the intern works for lower pay than if they were hired employees. An internship has a set duration of time, as well. The benefit of an internship is education; it gives you experience to list on your resume. Read more

The Benefits Of Student Exchanges

Maybe you’ve considered travel. I used to think that I would travel when I was done school. Then, it occurred to me: there’s no time like the present. Going on exchange was the best thing that I could have done. Here are a few reasons that studying abroad is great: Read more

6 Tips On How You Can Fund Your Way Through College

Going to college or university is a first step towards a brilliant career. It is also the time when you encounter the
first major financial issue in your life. The purpose of this article is to provide you with six useful tips on getting your
college bills paid. Read more