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Student Loan Consolidation

There’s no way around it. If you took out student loans to pay for college, you have to pay them back. That can be hard to do, whether you’re still in school, trying to start your life outside it, or even 10 years down the line. You borrowed the money, you used it, and you […]

College Scholarship Application Process

The process for applying for college scholarship is virtually similar to applying for college. First, you have to learn as many scholarships grants as possible and create a shortlist of possible prospects that fit you and your need. Then, you create the most compelling application letters or essays that state your achievements together with interviews […]

Little Known Ways to Save Money for College

One of the phrases that parents dread the most is this: college money. As soon as their child is born, parents tend to think about the future and actually make plans for their kids. They instinctively think of a profession that they want their children to have in the future: some want their kids to […]