Emotional Intelligence Is Stronger Than IQ

Intelligence is a mental image of someone who is excellent in analytical reasoning, planning, and problem solving. He can comprehend basic and complex ideas.

Emotional Intelligence is another type of Intelligence that was found as an important factor in attaining success in life. It allows an individual to successfully set priorities.

It is more focused on how a person understands, recognizes, and chooses his values. It shows how good a person is in understanding others, and how good he is in making decisions. It is how good a person can apply what he learned to be happy, how a person can love and interact with others.

Studies show that it is not the IQ or Intelligence Quotient of a person which is responsible in attaining success in life. EQ or Emotional Quotient is the main factor responsible for a person’s success in all aspects of life.

Unlike Intelligence Quotient, Emotio nal Quotient is present to everyone. It only needs to be developed. Developing Emotional Quotient can help in decision-making, and in building good relationships with other people.

It focuses more in attaining intangible success in life. Success is attaining by knowing how to deal with emotions, feelings, and interactions with others.

It was proved that attaining material success does not promise personal contentment. Success is defined as being contented, happy and satisfied in life. Focus on nurturing Emotional Quotient because Intelligence Quotient alone cannot attain these things. In 1990, Emotional Quotient was introduced in the world market, affirming that a person’s ability to handle relationships and his ability to use the appropriate emotions in every interaction are much more important than a person’s intelligence quotient. It was agreed that Emotional Quotient is essential in creating a good leader.

A leader who has a high emotional quotient score is expected to be more positive in life. Emotional Quotient gives a person courage to stand again after a fall. Emotional Quotient gives person strength to face fear.

Being worried, always in doubt, accepting mistakes, and admitting mistakes are just some of the challenges a leader in a business will face. It is believed by many company owners that a team leader worthy of selection should possess high Emotional Quotient to be able to face these challenges.

A successful person lives his life through his values. He knows his purpose. Being accountable in all the things that are happening in life is an example of having high emotional quotient.

Here are some tips on how to nurture Emotional Quotient:

1. Always live with courage. Experimenting and trying different things entail different experiences and open the mind with other possibilities in life.

2. Commit to responsibilities. This drives a person not to give up. It is also a way of earning other people’s trust.

3. Exercise doing personal accountability. Being accountable is being dependable.

4. Identify comfort zones. Trying to escape these comfort zones can make a person explore other things.

5. Identify fears and try facing them. Doing this can develop self-confidence. It can attain assurances that anything can be overcome.

6. Practice to be humble. Accepting mistakes in life attains high self-esteem.

Being true to oneself is one way of living life to the fullest. EQ is much more important because it drives a person to be successful and have a more contented life.

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Author: Abbas Abedi
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