Essay Writing: What’s In It For Me?

How do you react to your teacher’s assignment to write an essay? Doubt, you are pleased. Instead, you are grumbling and anticipating dull hours of essay writing, the purpose of which still seems vague and meaningless to you.

However, you can get rid of those nasty feelings in one go. For that purpose, stand still for a moment and try to figure out what’s in essay writing for you. Once you get the answer, you will no longer complain of having to write an essay and you will finally get down to writing it.

1. Learn to control yourself

The first advantage of essay writing is that it helps you cope with your own emotions and understand patterns of life. The difficulties you face while writing an essay harden you, help you understand that life is far from being easy and smooth and that sometimes you need to pluck up all your courage in order to overcome obstacles and become a winner in the b attle named “life.”

2. A proven way to become organized

Secondly, writing essays is a proven way to become a self-disciplined person. You learn to decipher the major from the minor and accomplish the tasks according to the plan. Apart from that, you learn the basic principles of time management, so as to be able to accomplish the tasks you set for yourself at the right time.

The skill of time management is vital to live effective life and keep things under control. Therefore, the deadline pressure should be of great help to attain the useful skills for the future.

3. The best way to develop your skills and abilities.

The initial purpose of essay writing is to develop your skills and abilities. Writing an essay also helps developing creative, analytical, scientific and all sorts of thinking. You must have heard it from your teacher million times and thought it is a rubbish just to make you wr ite an essay. But this time your teacher tells the truth.

You see, writing an essay involves coming across a great deal of information that needs to be 1. contemplated, 2. understood, 3. analysed, 4. interpreted, and 5. evaluated. You also have to use the feedback, understand the relationships between evidence and concepts and come out with your own conclusion.

Consequently, the process of writing an essay involves great will power, mind work and efforts on your part. Every single time you get down to writing an essay, you develop certain head muscles that are conductive to the development of creative, analytical, and scientific thinking.

By the way, in your attempt to learn the subject by heart you come to understand the initial meaning of essays, for the verb Essayer, which is of French origin, means “to try” and an essai (also French) is an attempt. So, an essay is something you write trying to figure so mething out. Do your best to achieve the set purpose.

4. The step to further education

Writing an essay at school is the first proven step to further education, for you develop writing skills, acquire the research thinking communication and skills that are necessary for good academic writing at college or university. And writing an essay at college will be a good basis for your professional career.

Moreover, proficiency in writing essays is not only important to pass the test, it is an essential first-tool-basic for research paper writing for all levels of schooling, and a simplified mainstay basic in writing reports within the professional world. Bear in mind that mastering this form is a first step to success.

Now it is clear why essay writing is a chosen vehicle for measuring a student’s writing proficiency: it helps to develop basic writing and research skills, promotes the evolution of intellectual facilities, and develops personal skills you will need in the future.

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Author: Linda Correli
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