Finding an Internship with a Future

Finding an internship position while a college student is a great way to gain experience in your chosen field, experience the workplace firsthand, learn industry “jargon,” and develop marketable skills. An internship can also lead to a position with the same company or a direct referral for another position. You can also use the experience and references to land your ideal job. How do you go about finding this type of internship? Read more

Students: Increase Your Grades… Talk To Your Teachers

Have you ever heard the phrase, “It’s all about who you know”? Every adult could probably tell you about some opportunity that arose because they knew the right person at the right time. Read more

Ways on How to Save Money on College Textbooks

So you are ready for college! You are now about to embark on more intense years of studying and learning. You must be eager to experience college life. Read more

High IQ – So What?

Does a high IQ (intelligence quotient) mean better grades in school? Does it mean a better life? Is your IQ score even a valid measurement of your intelligence? Let’s take a look at these questions one-by-one. Read more

Take Time to Have Rest

Almost all adult people and even youngsters work, fulfilling certain set of tasks daily. Sure, there are people who do not work. They may be rich enough to stay out of job and enjoy other aspects of life, entertain a lot and communicate within their circle. Or someone just doesn’t want to go to work and is satisfied with welfare payment; they do not have career ambitions and enjoy what they have. But most people do work and work a lot if they strive for career promotion and have grand life aims. Read more

Graduate School Admissions

In order to gain acceptance into Graduate School, several requirements or educational items must be met. These items vary from school to school; however, the main ones needed are listed below, with a brief overview of each. Read more

20 Secrets to Prepare University and College Students for Landing the Best Graduate Job or Career

There’s alot more than just studying hard that you can do as a college or university student, that will help when it comes to getting the best job or career after graduation. We take a look at the top 20, from playing a team sport to learning to give a compliment. Read more

Of School Grades And Admission Essays

The value of a College Admission Essay or graduate school admission essay, as part of the college or graduate admissions process can never be over-emphasized. To validate the value of an admission essay or graduate school admission essay, let us look at the following illustration: Read more

The Top Ten Tips On How To Get College Scholarships

Finding money to help pay for college is a high priority for almost all college students. And one of the best ways to help pay for education costs is to get a college scholarship as it is basically money that you are being given and will never have to repay. But pursuing college scholarships should be done in an organized way if you plan on being successful, and here are the top 10 tips to help you get college scholarships. Read more

Do Those Freshman Grades Really Matter?

Do Those Freshman Grades Really Matter? For many students, the transition to freshman year of high school is filled with worries about social life, complicated schedules, and finding the right way to class. Somewhere along the way, concerns about quality of work and first and second quarter grades can get pushed down low on the list of priorities. At year’s end, many rising sophomores are stunned by the fact that their 4.0 in eighth grade slipped to a 3.0 or 2.5. But a surprising question some counselors and parents hear from students is “do those freshman grades really matter?” Read more