College: Choosing Your Major

Choosing your major in college or university may seem like the decision of a lifetime. It certainly may be the most important decision to date in your lifetime and possibly you feel poorly equipped to make the decision. Read more

Things to Consider When Choosing Your College

Choosing a college or university to attend is easy, right? Maybe for some lucky few. What about the rest of us? The choice might not be clear. There are many issues to consider: program of study, school reputation, distance from home, money, school size, and so on. Read more

Robert Frost was Right: Choosing the Road to the College that’s best for you

Robert Frost Was Right Robert Frost was Right: Choosing the Road to the College that’s best for you. The stairway to college is made up of steps that will take you to the higher education that’s right for you…and (yes) ONLY you! How high school and college diverge. Read more

Choosing a College: 80% Research, 15% Intuition, 5% Chance

Knowing what to look for in a college can be difficult. If you’re in the process of selecting a school, then you’ve probably already been inundated with material from prospective colleges — brochures, catalogs, scholarship information, financial aid information, and a million other pieces of miscellany. So is it really possible to wade through these and find the college that is right for you? Absolutely. Read more

The Top Five Tips On How To Choose A College Major

Choosing a college major is a challenge for many college students at one time or another. In fact, it’s not uncommon for college students to change their major after spending a year or two pursuing a college major that they are no longer interested in. And of course, it’s better to change your major than carry on in a career that you will not be satisfied with. But it does help if you can determine your college major as quickly as possible and here are five tips to help you do that. Read more

How to Find Cheap College Textbooks

College students dread the start of every semester. This is because of the rising tuition fees, school supplies and textbooks. Every year, the cost of college is getting higher. It is only wise that students should learn how to cut costs and find alternatives in saving money. Are you a college student who wants to save money? Worry no more! Did you know that you can save hundreds of dollars with college textbooks? Here are some tips that would help you save a lot of money with textbooks. Read more

Attending Your First College? 7 Very Useful Tips And Tricks

Attending college does more for a person than give them a degree and a brighter future. In fact, it gives them a rich past. It gives people a past full of fond memories and joyful youth. College should be taken as an experience to enjoy not something that needs to be endured. There are some ways to make the most of your college days. Read more

Using Low Grades As Assets In Admission Essays For College Or Mba School

You are seriously aiming to apply to the college or business school of your choice. You have taken the required tests, and now, you are ready for the grueling application process. In particular, you need to pay attention to the College Admission Essay, or MBA essay as part of your application, since the college admission essay or MBA essay allows you to explain certain weaknesses in your grades. Many colleges and universities still have reservations on admitting applicants whose school records contain grades that they consider low as per their standards. And this is your big dilemma. How to explain your low grades. This is where the College Admission Essay or MBA essay will play a vital role. Read more

Applying to an Ivy League School Takes Years of Planning

Admission into an Ivy League school, or equally competitive college, is a lofty goal. It requires years of dedication from both parents and students. These high-powered, historic institutions receive thousands of applications each year yet reject more than 85 percent of candidates. While there is no formula for gaining one of the coveted places, there are a number of strategies, techniques, and hints that give applicants an edge. Read more

Five Tips To Ease College Application Panic

Recently, I returned to my old high school to follow students throughout the college application process for a book about the pressure on today’s students (and parents) to succeed. What I found there mirrored what I saw in schools across the country, from Vermont to New Mexico: widespread panic over admissions. After speaking to hundreds of students, parents, admissions officers, and counselors, I’ve compiled some tips that can help families through this often stressful time. Read more